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Liquid Sugar Films is the website of Debra Sugerman who is a hybrid artist and filmmaker. 

She has traveled the world making art, pictures and movies. After completing her MFA and many years of exhibition and feature film work, Debra decided it was time to truly give back, not just in a monetary manner; she wanted to create a legacy of something more, something tangible. So, on a solo cross-country drive, Debra gave birth to the idea to develop a peace camp that uses art, as it’s main mechanism, to break down barriers between perceived enemy cultures. Creativity for Peace Camp was born of this idea and along with several of her close friends the curriculum for the camp was created. Debra’s art, photographs & work on feature films, documentaries and television, spans two decades of collaboration with truly talented people. 

What people say about Debra:

Some photographers present images that return the world as the factual statement of a closing paragraph; Debra’s work is, in contrast, a preface, the first page of a narrative written by the viewer’s imagination. Her subjects, empty rooms, a perfume bottle, umbrellas, people, are awash with memory but devoid of sentimentality. They invite intimacy, but promise a connection that can never be fully realized because their side of the story is forever withheld. The muse inspires, but retreats, mute, trailing longing in its wake. An intense and profound empathy underscores all of Debra’s efforts. In filmmaking, photography and personal activism, over and over, there is a clear desire to establish connections, to bridge a divide – of space, time, ideology, or understanding – to cross barriers, to mend a rift, heal a wound, resolve a difference, or simply sustain and preserve contact. 
~ Judith Birdsong, Architect, Professor of Architecture @ UT Austin + Photographer

We asked Debra to photograph our children and the outcome was incredible. She was able to connect with them in a way that resulted in some of the loveliest candid shots. I have never been happier with any other photographer! 
~ Stacey Hill, Entrepreneur + Philanthropist

In today’s “do more with less” project environments, I need to work with people who can do it ALL. Debra is that JILL-OF-ALL-TRADES. I’ve worked with her on 3 projects now and she continues to consistently work miracles. And brings an abundance of sunshine to the set, the editing room and to all of the clients. If she is available for your project, snap her up! 
~ Herbert Bennett, Editor + Producer

 To work with Debra is to know that all the rules will be fair and there will be wonderful surprises: laughter, love, and undeniable artistic talent. 
~ Lane Rockford Orsak, Art Director + Artist